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The inflationary risk is a risk of that with an inflation growth, the gained monetary income depreciates from the point of view of real purchasing power quicker, than grows. In such conditions the businessman sustains real losses.

The risk of the businessman is quantitatively characterized by value judgment probable, i.e. expected, sizes of the maximum capital investments. Thus the more range between the maximum and minimum income (loss) at equal probability of their receiving, the is higher risk degree.

As the economic category risk represents an event which can occur or not occur. In case of commission of such event three economic results are possible: negative, zero, positive.

Development of society according to the cultural and historical periodization developed by L. Morgan and F. Engels took place three eras: wildness, barbarity, a civilization, each of which, in turn, consists of three steps: the lowest, average and the highest.

The investor can place funds for short-term deposits or deposits with the fluctuating interest rate and to gain interest income. The investor has to prefer the fixed interest rate when falling of interest rates is supposed, and fluctuating when their growth is expected.