We Don T Know How To Write A Conclusion Paragraph

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But an original source of the power of the leader over people is his independence, readiness at any time to release the taken place as expression of interests of collective at all does not mean humility emu./2, 123-124 yet /

The increased working capacity, ability to work tensely has to be a distinctive feature of the manager, without sacrificing, however, itself and without becoming (in the advanced companies it is considered a bad form to be late for bosses at office after the termination of day of work or to take work on the house).

Subordinates are imposed by the head who is taking the responsibility, safely making decisions, honestly recognizing mistakes. Growth of authority is promoted also by tolerance to weaknesses of people, not disturbing to work.

In the past to a position of managers tried to pick up people coercion reckoned with pronounced dictatorial manners as workers were in the majority the obedient, poorly educated, faceless weight and the best way of the treatment of them.

In work of the head there are a lot of attractive parties: it gives great opportunities for development of the personality, gives to the person advantage, is fascinating and fascinating. The manager should solve often the most difficult problems in the conditions of critical situations and uncertain prospects.

However the head has to be not only well prepared and highly educated, but also creative person. From it it is required not only to believe in the creative abilities, but also to appreciate such abilities in others, to be able to mobilize them and to use, overcoming all obstacles which are found on the way. For this purpose it is necessary to be persistent, to feel need for changes, to be able to break off with traditions, to perceive new ideas and innovative decisions, systematically to use them. The creative head usually works with groups, using a brainstorming method, encourages free expression of emotions and ideas and incessantly studies, including on own mistakes.