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Quite monotonous landscape denselypopulated and almost entirely the plain cultivated by Padanska is recovered oak here and there, is more rare - birch or pine groves. Avenues of poplars, willows, white acacias border roads, coast of channels and the rivers.

Italy - the only country on the continent where there are volcanoes of different types and in different stages of development. There are also extinct volcanoes (Evganeysky hills, Albansky mountains), and acting (Etna, Vesuvius, Stromboli).

The coastline of Italy is a little dismembered, it is not enough convenient bays. Almost all large ports are built artificially. Only in the Southern Italy there are ports in natural bays and gulfs (Naples, Salerno, Taranto, Cagliari).

Natural resources of the Alps are also comprehensively used long ago by the person. It is enough to remember at least the large supplies of energy containing in the Alpine rivers about numerous climatic and ski resorts, about production of construction materials. The person long since lodged in picturesque Alpine valleys with their fertile climate, and now there are a lot of cities (Aosta, Sondrio, Bolzano, etc.)

For an agrarian system of Italy three main types of farms are characteristic: capitalist, landowner and farms of land-poor and landless peasants. The capitalist farms giving bulk of products are widespread in Northern Italy. They differ in more advanced methods of an agrotechnology, high level of mechanization and use of wage labor. The monetary form of land lease prevails. The combination of large landowner land tenure (latifundium) and small country land use is typical for the Southern Italy, and natural forms of rent prevail.

In the menacing state there is a habitat in the large industrial cities. The Italian cities stand on one of the last places in the world on gardening. Development of the industry and the motor transport led to air pollution which in the centers of chemical industry exceeds all admissible norms.

The Mediterranean Basin long since favored to development of communications with the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, and also with other countries of Southern Europe. And now it promotes economic development of Italy. Overland borders with France, Switzerland and Austria, and partly and with the former Yugoslavia pass across the Alps. Northern Italy is in more favorable, than Southern situation as has opportunity to carry out external economic relations both on overland and on sea roads. Through Italy pass transcontinental aviation lines.

On coastal lowlands of the Apenninsky peninsula and islands a wide strip evergreen trees and bushes last. From wild-growing types evergreen stone and pith oaks, stone pines and the Alpine pines, mastic trees, palm trees, cactuses, agaves are allocated here. However cultural types, first of all subtropical - a citrus, olives almonds, pomegranate, a fig, groves of a pith oak set with the person prevail here.

Modern demographic processes in Italy generate serious social problems, for example need of expansion of health system and provision of pensions in connection with increase in a share of elderly people.