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Duration of process is proportional to a square of a way of penetration. Therefore reduction of thickness of raw materials to sharp reduction of duration of a posol. In this regard at salt use meat junctures and boneless raw materials, and also a brine injection in raw materials with education in it is mute initial zones of its accumulation.

Conveyors do two-tape and one-tape. In two-tape conveyors the top tape is intended for a of parts of the hulks and bones received after a boning; the lower serves for appointed meat. On one-tape of part of ink (junctures), appointed meat and bones on one tape. On a conveyor site where there are tables for a meat zhilovka, the conveyer belt is divided by partitions into three sites for each grade of meat. The bone is unloaded at the end of the transport conveyor or it can be moved with reverse motion of a tape of the conveyor. Then this bone is transferred to sawing up or crushing.

For a mechanical zhilovka of meat the car which consists of the reception bunker with two giving of the conic screw with the decreasing step and the nozzle executed from metal plates and having cracks is designed. The nozzle fastens to the top cylinder, and the screw is continuation of the screw of a top. At the exit from a nozzle the cutting top mechanism in the form of a of knives and grids is installed. Meat is loaded into the reception bunker. It is taken two spirals and moves on the working screw. Capacity of mezhvitkovy space of the conic screw decreases therefore meat is affected by gradually increasing pressure. The car crushes meat and favors it on three grades. More gentle muscular tissue (meat of the highest the grade is pressed through through cracks at the beginning of a nozzle where excessive pressure is created. 1105pa. Regarding the car where excessive pressure is created. 2105 The Pa, is squeezed out the meat containing to 6% of fabric (meat I a grade. Through a mouth of a nozzle and the mechanism where excessive pressure is created. 5105 Pas, leave grade meat II. The exit of meat of the highest and the I grades at a mechanical zhilovka is higher, than at the manual. Car productivity. 2,5 t/h.

Massaging is a kind of process of a, owing to what in the absence of a special (a masseur sometimes apply bladed mixers to massaging. The masseur represents the capacity to which after its filling with meat the vertical shaft with blades falls. Processing in masseurs proceeds less intensively, than in toggle-switches as there are no shock influences. Therefore massaging duration is more, than a tumblirovaniye.

Temperature of system a brine — fabric is the factor which is the most significantly changing penetration coefficient size. This way of reduction of duration of a posol is of special interest because temperature increase accelerates also other changes, improving a product.

Understand product processing in the toggle-switches capacities (in most cases ) with a horizontal axis of rotation having ledges (blades) on their internal surface as a tumblirovaniye. Frequency of rotation of capacity (in min. - has to ­ be lower than the critical