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Rotor installation with a diameter of 300 mm and weighing only 60 kg is brought to a current, submerged on benthonic "ski" and by cables is fixed from two coast. The rest - a trick: the animator rotates the automobile generator of a direct current of 14 volts, and energy accumulates.

Essentially new direction in development of power and possible replacement of the NPP is represented by researches on fuel-free electrochemical generators. Consuming the sodium containing in sea water in excess supply this generator has efficiency about 75%. A reaction product is chlorine and the calcinated soda here, and the subsequent use of these substances in the industry is possible.

The main consumer of the electric power there is an industry though its specific weight in the general useful electricity consumption around the world is considerably lost. Electric energy in the industry is applied to actuating of various mechanisms and directly in technological processes. Now the coefficient of electrification of the power drive in the industry makes 80%. Thus about 1/3 electric power are spent directly for technological needs.

As hydraulic power plants use force of the falling water for power generation, are respectively focused on hydroenergy resources. Huge hydroenergy resources of the world are located unevenly. For hydroconstruction in our country the construction on the rivers of cascades hydroelectric power stations was characteristic. The cascade group of the thermal power plant located steps on a current of a water stream for consecutive use of its energy. Thus besides receiving the electric power, problems of supply of the population and production by water, elimination of floods, improvements of transportation terms are solved. Unfortunately, creation of cascades in the country led to the extremely negative consequences: to loss of valuable farmlands, ecological disruption.

The power industry along with other branches of a national economy is considered as part of uniform economic economic system. Now without electric energy our life is inconceivable. The power industry intruded in all fields of activity of the person: industry and agriculture, science and space. It is also impossible to present our life without the electric power. So wide circulation is explained by its specific properties:

Placement of different types of power plants is influenced by various factors. Has the main impact on placement of thermal power plants fuel and consumer factors. The most powerful thermal power plants are located, as a rule, in fuel production places, the power plant is larger, the further it can give the electric power. The power plants using high-calorific fuel which economically to transport have consumer orientation. The power plants working at fuel oil settle down mainly in the centers of oil-processing industry.

For the first time in the history of equipment installation MINI-OTES could give useful power to external loading, having at the same time covered also own needs. The experience got at operation MINI-OTES allowed to construct quickly more powerful heat power OTES-1 installation and to start design of even more powerful systems of this kind.

Now in a number of the countries, and first of all in England, hard works on use of energy of sea waves are conducted. The British Isles have very long coastline, in many places the sea remains rough for a long time. By estimates of scientists, due to energy of sea waves in English territorial waters it would be possible to receive power to 120 GW that twice exceeds the power of all power plants belonging to the British Central electrical power management.

The sun - an inexhaustible power source - every second gives to Earth of 80 trillion kilowatts, that is in some thousands times more, than all power plants of the world. It is necessary only to be able to use it. For example, Tibet - the part of our planet, closest to the Sun, - by right considers solar energy wealth. For today in the Tibetan autonomous region of China more than fifty thousand heliofurnaces are constructed already. Solar energy heats premises of 150 thousand square meters, heliogreenhouses with a total area of one million square meters are created.

Three pumps were required from the following calculation: one – for giving warm views from the ocean, the second – for pumping of cold water from depth about 700 m, the third – for pumping of secondary working liquid in the system, i.e. from the condenser in the evaporator. As secondary the worker of liquid is applied ammonia.