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Activization of activity of the MULTITONE-DALS company during crisis brought her out of outsiders in real leaders of the market of paging services. At the moment time the company is one of competitors of PT-PEYDZh.

At a stage of development of the company the first version of the NMT-45 standard was used Functionality of the MTH and BS switchboard was focused on use of automobile and wearable (portable) devices.

The list of the services provided to subscribers and new functions according to the upgraded version of the standard - NMT-450, and also the services and functions introduced in addition and which are further development of the standard are given in the Table

Deduction of the clients was the main objective of all paging companies during crisis. Comparing data on a condition of the competition in April to the data received in November it is possible to draw the following conclusions:

The cost of a package already included a certain number of free minutes which the subscriber can use within a month. If you do not keep within the taken-away number of minutes, you pay in additional minutes on the existing tariffs.

Expansion of a range of the services provided to subscribers, expansion of a coverage zone of the territory, reduction of tariffs and costs of connection, wide advertizing campaigns - all this made services of cellular mobile communication more available to more general population.

It should be noted that though the EXCOM and comes at the moment time to the forefront in the market, during crisis of PT-PEYDZh it was succeeded to entice rather large number of subscribers of this company (to 25 people a week).

The switchboard of mobile communication of MTH (MTX - Mobile Telephone Exchange) "heart" of a network was switched directly on in city TFOP through one of city communication centers at the local level with use of the 115 and 116 indexes, and also switched on in long-distance telephone exchange with use of the 90 index. Inclusion at the local level at once defined convenience and quality of the entering communication on the mobile subscriber from a city telephone network.

For today the company does not carry out actions on customer acquisition. Generally serves digital pagers and text pagers of the Chinese production. Does not carry out technical development. PT-Page does not compete.

More effectively to work at the market it is necessary to have information base about needs for goods and existence it in a warehouse, to control and operate commodity stocks, to have information on competitors, and including about their financial situation, constantly to trace and consider it at decision-making.

_pereadresation of all calls; a _pereadresation of calls in the absence of the answer; a _pereadresation of calls in case of employment of number; a _pereadresation of calls in case of the subscriber's inaccessibility. Three last options can be combined, but use of the first cancels action of the others.