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In the industry apply cheese bathtubs of VKSh-5 to formation of a clot and its processing ­ 5000 l and other bathtubs equipped with driving which can move on all area of a bathtub. For heating of milk or cheese weight in a shirt of a bathtub pump water.

Use of more high temperature of the second heating leads to the excessive loss of moisture, delay of processes in cheese, to receiving a ready-made product with a rough consistence which are not expressed by weak aroma.

After introduction of ferment in milk fermentation develops, the dairy continuously collects, decreases serums. The role of active acidity at development of cheese is great: she serves as a guarantee of suppression of of undesirable microbiological processes in weight, prevents emergence of defects of taste, and also a vspuchivaniye of heads at an early stage of maturing. Besides, with increase in concentration of lactic acid the speed and degree of a sinerezis of a clot which contracts increase and emits moisture.

The second heating — the most effective factor of an obsushka of cheese grain and regulation of moisture content in cheese, it when serum already is almost not emitted from a clot. For Dutch cheeses temperature of the second heating of a to be 40 — 41 °C, i.e. temperatures of the first heating at which milk folding was carried out are 8 °C higher. carry out by supply of hot water to a shirt of a cheese bathtub.

It is developed theories of the balanced food according to which in a diet of the person have to contain not only proteins, fats, carbohydrates in necessary quantity, but also such substances as irreplaceable amino acids, vitamins, mineral salts, in a certain ratio, necessary for normal activity of an organism.

In thickness of cheese salt diffundirut slowly; in the center of heads of firm cheeses it is found out only for the 30th day after a posolka that is the extremely important as it does not interfere with intensive development during this period of lactic bacteria.

The greatest curtailing ability the containing in stomachs (maws) of two - the calfs eating only milk possesses. It is most active in the subacidic environment (at 6 — 6, and it is brought in ­ after its zakvashivaniye after a while. of abomasal enzyme is accelerated at addition in milk of salts of calcium.

In the organization of healthy nutrition the paramount part is assigned to dairy products. It fully belongs and to cheese which nutritional value is caused by high concentration in it milk proteins and fat, availability of the irreplaceable amino acids, salts of calcium and phosphorus necessary for normal development of a human body.

Pieces of layer for giving of a certain form to them in metal forms. Cheeses mark, vpressovyvy in cheese weight the casein or plastic figures designating date and number of month of development of cheese and then wrap up mitkalevy napkins, direct in forms on pressing.

The milk intended for development of cheese is to the preliminary processing consisting of the following operations: maturing, normalization and pasteurization of milk, introduction of chemicals, milk coloring.

Processing of a clot includes the following operations: a clot mechanical knives therefore cheese grain — soft proteinaceous lumps of 3 in size — 4 mm and 5 — 6 mm ; vymeshivaniye of cheese grain and selection ­ serums; second heating of cheese grain.

Milk coloring. For giving to the cheese test of yellow coloring in milk add water-soluble paint of an annato from Bixa orellaha plant seeds to the winter period. Use of other dyes in cheese making does not.

The milk which is not meeting requirements of the first and second grades and also with sharply expressed smacks (garlic, onions, a wormwood, sour the press, is considered sub-standard and on cheese it is not allowed to processing.

Processing of a clot is necessary for removal of a and reduction of volume of a clot. Release of serum is special receptions as serum in process of reduction of its quantity in a clot is emitted all.

One of the most evidence-based is the fosfoamidazny theory developed by P.F. Dyachenko. According to this theory distinguish two main stages of effect of enzyme. At the first stage - fermentativny - casein turns into paracasein; on the second — coagulative — the clot is formed of paracasein.