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The flora of Turkey includes about 6700 species of plants, from them the most part — is representatives of families slozhnotsvetny, bean and krestotsvetny. More than a third of species of plants are endemic for Turkey. Especially there are a lot of endemik among kserofnlny plants: astragal, akantolimon, kuziniya. It is a lot of also endemic relicts of tertiary time: balsam tree, etc.

In the south of Turkey, lengthways Mediterranean coasts, the difficult mountain system under the general name Tauri was stretched (Hummock). Owing to big internal distinctions it is divided into three parts: Western, Central and East Tauri.

The North Western Anatoly, subject to influence of the warm Sea of Marmara (temperature of the top sheet of water in the summer about + 25C, in the winter about + differs in climatic conditions, favorable for agriculture. Coast and islands of the Marble sea - the favourite vacation spot of residents of Istanbul and the neighboring cities. In the spring when on the Black Sea coast it is still cold, it is already possible to swim in the Sea of Marmara.

In East Anatoly at the height of 1720 m the drainless lake surrounded with mountains Wang was picturesquely stretched. Bright blue of a water mirror in a combination to snow caps of adjacent mountains leave unforgettable impression.

Natural resources of Turkey are still insufficiently studied, large reserves of various minerals nevertheless there are found. In a subsoil of the country stone and brown coal, oil, various ore minerals lie: iron, lead, zinc, manganese, mercury, antimony, molybdenum. On reserves of chrome ore Turkey takes the second place in the capitalist world. There are richest deposits of tungsten, about hundred fields of copper are known. From nonmetallic minerals fields of saltpeter, sulfur, marble, the sea Nenets woman, table salt are known. The natural saltern supplying with salt all Turkey is the lake. Ace.

In the west of Turkey the mountainous area Western Anatoly, including coastal parts of the Aegean and Marble seas is distinctly allocated. In Western Anatoly mountain ranges alternate with the deep, widely opened towards the Aegean Sea valleys of the rivers. Pro-deleting of ridges, perpendicular to sea coasts, caused a big izrezannost of coast of Marble and especially Aegean seas here.

The territory of Turkey, except for the Anatoliysky plateau, is covered with a dense river network. But all rivers have mountain character, abound with falls, thresholds and therefore are non-navigable. However value of the rivers, as the possible sources of hydraulic power which are for the present very poorly used is great. Partially a surface water of Turkey is used for an irrigation.

Thus, Turkey – the country having big recreational resources draws to itself attention of tourists from around the world with informative, medical and improving, excursion and other purposes that leads to mutual cooperation of the countries.

The northeast continuation of the Tauri occupied with ridges Binboga and Takhtala is known under the name of Anti-Taurus. These ridges stretch from the southwest for the northeast and, going down, merge with Uzunyayl's plateau.