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Liquid spirits represent pleasantly smelling spirit or aqueous-alcoholic solutions of perfumery with a smell of the flower or fantasy direction and are applied as the flavoring means.

production series: eau de toilette, the aftershave lotion strengthening aftershave lotion, the calming cream after shaving, the gel for mitigation of a rigid beard moisturizing after shave balm, the protective moisturizing cream, soap, liquid soap, a deodorant

Perfumery goods on appearance have to be and are transparent without turbidity at a temperature of -5 °C. At a temperature below -5 °C turbidity which to disappear at a temperature of-18 — 20 °C is allowed.

Colognes and fragrant waters package in glass bottles with a capacity no more than 250 ml. Bottles with a coat hanger by perfumery liquid to the level of a coat hanger; without coat hanger have to have air space no more than 4% of capacity of bottles.

Necks of bottles with the ground-in traffic jams have to be trimmed bodryushy (a film from beef or mutton ­), a laika or a transparent film; are tied, a silk or viscose thread or a ribbon.

On boxes with perfumery goods the name of a product and number of the article have to be specified; name of manufacturer and its location or consignor's ; name of the consignee; number of a box and date of development; quantity of products in pieces; number of the packer; designation of the standard.

Carrying out comparison of the goods intended for satisfaction of the same requirement the buyer considers their consumer properties, looks for degree of their compliance of own requirement. Thus he seeks to achieve optimum compliance between consumer properties of a product and expenses on its acquisition and use, i.e. to receive the most consumer effect on a unit of cost. This indicator is the generalizing criterion of competitiveness of the market.

The main indicators on which the is carried out, are: for spirits of all groups and colognes of groups extra and And — quality of a smell, its firmness, external registration (at strict observance of norms on physics and technology indicators); for colognes of groups B, B and fragrant waters — quality of a smell, transparency of liquid and external registration.

Perfumery goods have to be transported in dry and pure railway cars, containers, and also the waterway in pure holds, with observance of rules of transportation of flammable and combustible liquids.

Firmness of a smell is defined organoleptic for what take a strip (5x10 cm) of previously prostiranny gauze which lower in perfumery liquid and dried indoors with a temperature of +15 — 20 °C.

Defective goods come back to the manufacturer at his expense. From the cost of goods of inadequate quality the penalty according to the Provision on delivery of consumer goods for this violation.

At the discrepancy of perfumery goods approved to samples on external finishing of bottles, packing, marking and in the presence of foreign impurity carry out a repeated for what select samples in number of not less than 3% of the checked party again. At unsatisfactory results of repeated check at least on one indicator all party is rejected.

Bottles with spirits and colognes can be laid in artly issued cases or boxes or can be without cases and boxes. Such bottles turn in a brown paper and stack in sshivny or folding cardboard boxes. Perfumery sets in separate packing boxes completely, and the bottles entering sets of groups A and extra, wrap up previously paper.