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For performance of the duties and functions in JSB Banca Social = the administrative structure, i.e. management personnel is created. The structure of management is understood as structure of links and levels (steps) of management, their interrelation and subordination.

The subsequent big stride in development of the western administrative thought consisted in expansion of the "principles of management" formulated by A. within "administration science". Not incidentally Americans call this Frenchman the father of management. It agrees A.yu1, process of management consists of five functions:

The first break in administrative thought which took place in the beginning of the century is connected with F. Taylor's theory. "Teylorizm" was based on situation what it is possible to operate "scientifically", having transferred ideas of engineering sciences to management in a local production link.

Within the financial mechanism two methods of financial impact on development of the enterprises from the state are allocated: financial security and financial regulation. The ratio of these methods defines the stimulating role of finance in economic and social development of the enterprises and all society.

The structural organization demands the corresponding retraining of the personnel as practically all organizational changes are connected with improvement of quality of service of clients, expansion of the market, increase in volumes of the made operations and introduction of new, more perfect technologies and methods of work.

It is necessary to consider that each subsequent stage kept and developed experience previous, passing from one segment of the financial market to another. Most fully this experience was used at implementation of the concept of synergy marketing on the basis of creation of universal firms of the financial services including the offices (branches, subsidiaries) offering different types of services.

Creation of structure of management personnel in JSB Banca Social = expresses that form of division of labor in the management sphere which makes the impact on development and improvement of system.

The financial method can be defined as a way of impact of the financial relations on economic process. Financial methods work in two directions: through management of achievement of financial resources and in the area of the market commercial relations connected with a soizmereniye of expenses and results with material stimulation and responsibility for effective use of monetary funds.