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Preparatory actions are carried out by means of big maneuverability, attacks and counterattacks by one, two and series of blows, protection etc. It must be kept in mind that the opponent sets the same tasks and also actively them solves.

Since XI-XII centuries and until the end of the IV century BC fighters used the simplest form of a glove called meylikhay.3 Hands were bandaged by 3 - 3,5-meter belts from soft bull skin, tawing or simply oiled or fat to give it softness. Images on ancient vases show some ways of bandaging. Most often at first bandaged four fingers, then a forearm.

On trainings fighters applied gloves from soft belts, the head protected a mask (the cap with earphones which is possibly sewed from soft skin lined). Similarity of a modern stuffed trailing pear Greeks had a bag from skin filled with date stones. It was suspended at height of the head and served for training in blows. Exercises in shadow-fighting were widely applied.

If fight at a distant distance is characterized by big mobility and maneuverability (each boxer tries to get in the blow of the opponent and most to remain impregnable), fight at average and near distances limits movement on a ring. Tactics of fight at an average distance is reduced to that. To attack in single and several blows, being well protected, and to counterattack in reciprocal and counter blows, to put single or series of blows quicker, than the opponent.

Counterattacks from a distant distance can be and means of active defense. Cases when the attacking boxer received the counter strong counterattacking blow then was not able to continue fight are frequent.

The remained legends say that fisticuffs were known and in the east, in particular among Ionians. The first written data on fisticuffs in Ancient Greece reached us from descriptions of this type of competitions by Homer.

I consider necessary in more detail to stop on arms of a fist. From descriptions and images on vases and frescos we see. That fights were carried out not only on naked fists, but also with the bandaged brushes (adaptations for putting on on hands became later).

The general physical training of the boxer is aimed at the versatile development of physical abilities. It increases the level of functionality of an organism by education of the general working capacity, stimulates development of endurance, power and high-speed and power qualities, coordination abilities, etc.

If after attack from a distant distance boxers appear in close proximity to each other, they combat for an advantageous position of hands for blows and protection. In that case attacks continue by short blows. It is necessary to attack promptly and surely, differently the opponent will undertake resolute counteractions.

Battle at a near distance is offered by one of boxers which to seek for rapprochement for action in strong short blows; near fight can arise forcedly for both. The compelled fight arises most often when one of boxers is not able and therefore does not want to conduct it: it takes, holds the opponent, preventing it to work. Happens that a near battle is conducted by boxers, both preferring to compete in this distance.

The basis of the specific content of sports training is made by physical training of the athlete. It is process of education of the physical abilities necessary in sports activity. Physical preparation is inseparably linked with increase of the general level of functionality of an organism, versatile physical development, strengthening of health.

The all-developing exercises can be divided into exercises of indirect and direct influence. Indirect exercises promote development of the general flexibility, general dexterity, the general force, the general speed, i.e. help the athlete to become more prepared for special training.

More difficult counterattack at distant and average distances: feints (feints) to call the opponent on counterattack of which resolutely to be ahead the counterattack. Such form of fight is available only to boxers of high qualification.

Attack from a distant distance is one of the main means of war of boxers. It can terminate in one small episode. Attack in one-two blows often conducts to rapprochement of opponents on average and near distances. Fast, unexpected attack from a distant distance is applied to capture of an initiative and to resolute blow at an average distance.