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Speaking generally, the "future" markets have huge potential for a set of the operations connected with fast "modulation" of the capital and goods, that is liquidity. One of indicators of liquidity is the total amount of trade at the exchanges. Trade volume at the future exchanges only with goods exceeds 5trln. dollars.

The international exchange  the special type of constantly operating wholesale market covering some states on which transactions of purchase and sale on certain exchange goods are made is served by concrete world commodity and stock markets. At such exchanges representatives of a business community of the different countries can participate.

Commodity exchange by definition of  corporate, noncommercial association of members of corporations providing material conditions for purchase and sale of goods in the market by the public auction according to the rules and procedures providing equality for clients and members of the exchange.

Initial stage of exchange trade. Essential line of this exchange is obligatory sale and delivery of goods after tendering. On the volume of an exchange turn of the exchange of real goods makes 10-15%.

In modern conditions the exchange ceased to carry out a promotional role at formation of the new companies, and receiving high profit became its main criterion. Though transactions at the exchange share on the investment, connected with a long-term investment of money, and speculative, having short-term character achievements of profit. Nearly both types of transactions are subordinated to a main goal of the exchange  mechanism to receiving high profit. At the same time the long-term profit of exchange transaction can be corrected (it is eliminated because of adverse change of an economic situation through a certain period after an investment of money.