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Bronze mark letters of Br ( after which putting the letters designating a look and quantity of the alloying additives. On an example, beryllium bronze of Br. B2 (2% of beryllium of Ve, the rest Cu copper); phosphorous bronze of Br. OF 6,5-0,15 (6,5% of tin 8p, 0,15 phosphorus P, the rest Cu copper).

Even at the identical cost of aluminum and copper in ingots the cost of an aluminum wire is almost twice lower, however use of aluminum in most cases is less favorable to the isolated wires because of costs of isolation;

The most widespread modern materials of high conductivity applied in radio electronics are non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, magnesium, lead) and ferrous metals (iron) which are applied in pure form. Use alloys of these metals as they possess the best properties even more widely and are cheaper in comparison with pure metals. However it is economically expedient to use non-ferrous metals and their alloys when necessary properties of products cannot be received, applying ferrous metals, cast iron and steel.

Possessing still bigger, than cadmic bronze, the mechanical durability, hardness and resistance to mechanical wear (strength at p stretching to 1350 MT beryllium bronze does not change the properties up to the temperature approximately 250C. It finds application at production of responsible current carrying springs for electric devices, brush holders of the tokoshtepselny and sliding contacts.

Solid copper is applied when it is necessary to provide the high mechanical durability, hardness and resilience to attrition: for contact wires, tires of distributing devices, for collector plates of electrical machines, production of wave guides, screens, conducting veins of cables and wires with a diameter up to 0,2 mm.

In designations of brands difficult the latuny ambassador of a letter L (brass designation) letters which indicate existence of the alloying elements (except copper), for example LS59-1 are put (59% of Cu copper, 1% of Pb lead, the rest Zn zinc).

Alpax belongs to group of foundry alloys with the raised content of silicon, copper and manganese. It possesses good, by small shrinkage, big density and the increased durability in comparison with aluminum and is widely applied to cases of air condensers.

because of high values of specific heat and warmth of melting of aluminum heating of an aluminum wire to fusion demands big expenses of energy, than heating and fusion of the same amount of copper;

Phosphorous bronze of Br. OF 6,5-0,15 (6,5% of Sn tin, 0,1 phosphorus P, the rest Cu copper) differs in low conductivity. Make various low-responsible tokopodvodyashchy springs in electric devices of it.

The MK cadmic bronze (0,9% of CD cadmium, other Cu) is applied to contact wires and collector plates of especially responsible appointment, and also welding electrodes at contact methods of welding.

Less pure aluminum of the A97 and A95 brands (impurity no more than 0,03%) is used for cases of electrolytic condensers, statorny and rotor plates of air condensers. Make screens of radio-frequency coaxial cables of aluminum foil and a tape.

As conduction material use copper of the M1 and MO brands. Copper of the M1 brand contains 99,9% of copper, no more than 0,1% of impurity in which total of oxygen no more than 0,08% would owe. Copper of the MO brand contains impurity no more than 0,05 including oxygen no more than 0,02%. Thanks to a smaller continence of oxygen copper of the MO brand possesses the best mechanical properties, than brand M copper purer conduction metal (no more than 0,01% at

Brass is stronger, more plastic than copper, possess rather high relative lengthening at the increased strength on stretching in comparison with pure copper, they have the lowered cost as the zinc entering them is much cheaper than copper. Sometimes for increase of corrosion resistance in a small amount enter aluminum, nickel, manganese into structure of an alloy.

At a cold broach receive solid (hard-drawn) copper (MT) which possesses high strength at stretching, the hardness and elasticity (at a bend the wire from solid copper springs a little).