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Using warm water on a surface and cold at a depth and having created appropriate technology, we have all necessary for electricity generation, supporters of use of thermal energy of the ocean assured. "According to our estimates, in this surface water there are energy stocks which by 10 000 times exceed universal need for it".

For the first time in the history of equipment installation MINI-OTES could give useful power to external loading, having at the same time covered also own needs. The experience got at operation MINI-OTES allowed to construct quickly more powerful heat power OTES-1 installation and to start design of even more powerful systems of this kind.

Three pumps were required from the following calculation: one – for supply of warm water from the ocean, the second – for pumping of cold water from depth about 700 m, the third – for pumping of secondary working liquid in the system, i.e. from the condenser in the evaporator. As secondary the worker of liquid is applied ammonia.

From time immemorial the person sought to use energy of inflow. The first tidal mills appeared on the coast of Brittany, Andalusia and England in the XII century. In later times of one hundred such devices set in motion sawing and flour-grinding cars in the British possession in the territory of New England (SSh.

From space energy of the Sun arrives. It heats air and forms the winds causing waves. It heats the ocean which accumulates thermal energy. It sets currents which at the same time change the direction as a result of rotation of Earth in motion.

So for what a stop? Scientists and inventors developed numerous ways of energy production, first of all the electric for a long time. Let's build then more and more power plants, and energy will be so much, how many it is required! Such, apparently, obvious solution of a complex challenge, appears, conceals in itself many reefs.

Moreover, in millions of coastal villages and settlements which do not have now access to power supply systems then it will be possible to improve vital conditions of people. Inhabitants of those places where at the sea there is a strong excitement, will be able to design and use installations for transformation of energy of waves. Living near narrow coastal gulfs where during inflow with a roar water rushes, will be able to use this energy.

"Alas, - sceptics objected, - Georges Claude received only 22 kilowatts of the electric power in the gulf Matanzas. Whether it gave profit?" Did not give as to receive these 22 kilowatts, Claude had to spend 80 kilowatts for operation of the pumps.