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An ode to improve your emotional intelligence

The purposeful reformative human accelerates development of social and economic processes, at the same time destroys natural, upsets habitat. With understanding of these processes old ideas of infinity of a in the middle of the XIX century are called into question.

The nature and society interact among themselves. They represent sotsioprirodny system, in self-development, self-organization, self-dimension of the functioning systems is supposed. Balance of the nature is impossible without the corresponding development of an. Breaking natural balance, doing harm to the nature, society loses opportunities of development. Harmonious development of society, in turn, is impossible without comprehensive account ­ a factor. Interaction of the nature and society, their (koevolyutsionno development provide a of the environment surrounding the person. Coherence of public (human) activity with environment — insistance of a era.

The dialectics here is as follows: the person daily in habitat and therefore significantly influences its character. In turn, activity and the person is in many respects predetermined by character of that environment in which he lives.

Long time in the history of mankind ­ that the nature in use is boundless that it is sent to use to the person. It was supposed that the acts as a certain any force over the. Was considered that in process of increase in production an arbitrariness of the nature and the richness of a increases. The mankind most often developed due to use of natural resources. Till time the called processes were rather insignificant as could not lead to ecological changes in the nature. Of consequences of these ecological changes were not realized by yet.

Nowadays developed education system fixes dissociation of subject matters as training is based by the principle of a raschlenennost of subjects. from them will close and it is not connected with others. Only integrative processes in the sphere of scientific knowledge, a of subject matters in an education system can and have to reconstruct thinking of the teacher, scientist, his on ability and readiness for creativity, on a, self-education, self-knowledge and persons.

The Sotsioprirodny system formed as a result of interaction of the nature and society and believing their koevolyution includes a goal-setting of a of the person, his creative potential. Thereby it is based on dynamic relationship,, actions of the person, society, the nature.

As a result of ecological crisis today (at the end of XX — the beginning of the XXI century) all have an effect not only problems of environmental pollution, but also disappearance of the woods, separate types of fauna and flora, deficiency of resources more considerably. The mankind created an artificial industrial civilization of the huge sizes that conducts to exhaustion (impoverishment) of natural () resources. Earth only one and its resources not of a. Today ecological situation in the world extremely acuity.

Balance in the nature, a koevolyution of the nature and an, a sustainable development of the social environment (including also ekologo-economic development — the making of uniform, indivisible process — process, exclusively difficult, on the scales and grandiose. These making parties represent not their simple addition, but whole in which one does not exist without, generating harmony or breaking it.

Each generation is called for rising ­ the person of a riddle of human existence, to find meaning of life. Transfer of culture makes such ­ in which one generation reports to the following understanding of family, public, civil, customs, traditions, values, beliefs, responsibility, language, history, and also technological achievements and experience of productive work.

It is quite clear that environmental problems have first of all the planetary character connected with a of global thinking (consciousness) of the person and understanding of mankind as complete unity.

Balance in the nature, the koevolyution of the nature and an become the categorical requirement ­ developments of the social environment. The sustainable development of the believes such system of public which the center attention puts the person, his and fruitful life in harmony with the nature.