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The non-standard tire installed on the car can change one of the most important characteristics of a suspension bracket a so-called shoulder of an obkat. Without going into subtleties so far, I will tell only that it not in the best way will affect controllability,

However and diagonal tires have certain advantages, as, for example, the best redistribution of local loadings that is important at the movement on a cross-country terrain or at arrival on a big stone owing to what they will be used by farm and off-road vehicles for a long time.

It is indirectly possible to judge quality of VAZ disks, comparing them to disks of other producers. That for VAZ is considered marriage, for disks, for example, of the Kremenchug production is normal technology. On VAZ the welding seam is cut off practically aflush (with the minimum difference), then is rolled and becomes as if a whole. At the Kremenchug disks the welding seam too is cut off, however special attention to purity is not paid, as a result the seam turns out rough, acting on millimeter in both parties (on VAZ it is called "a nedorezanny grant"), the powder which is not filled in even.

rupture of the tire or its board because of the wrong installation - pressure upon a seat should not exceed 40 psi (275 kPa) - therefore tires only as appropriate trained personnel has to install.

The wide tire "emerges" on any in the slightest degree to a noticeable pool - effect of hydroplaning. (So-called "rain" tires with directed, for the best water drainage from a contact zone can rectify situation, protector drawing. However such rubber even more rigidly and, besides, almost completely loses the remarkable properties at wear more than a half a protector.

Use of tubeless tires increases safety since the tight inside layer covers the nail which punctured the tire or other subject therefore the air outlet is prevented or is strongly slowed down. Other advantages of tubeless tires smaller heating, simpler installation.